Virtual CFO


Virtual CFO

Large companies have a well-paid CFO for a reason. In general, small and medium-size enterprises that do not have financial knowledge and expertise are vulnerable to financial problems. They also face the problems of stagnation. Some have no oversight on how their business is actually doing financially and others face decision paralysis and feel insecure when making strategic decisions.

All companies need a CFO regardless of their size


As your business grows, there comes a time when you need to have someone who can guide you in the right direction when it comes to finances. You will have a hard time spending at least FCFA 2,500,000 (Salaries + benefits + others) per month to get a full-time CFO in your company. This is where the Virtual CFO comes in to minimize that cost and optimize business performance.

Our role

Our role is to give you strategic advice to better manage your business and help you take control of your finances, by analyzing your financial performance and providing you with recommendations on how your business can reduce costs and increase its profitability, help with fundraising, budgeting, preparing financial statements, managing cash flow, and ensuring your business is in compliance with laws and regulations. We will manage your Finance department remotely in an effective and efficient manner.